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United States of Autism Official T-Shirts Now Available

By June 19, 2011 3 Comments

We are currently sold out!

Custom designed t-shirts for the upcoming film the United States of Autism are now available! Created by renowned artist Jamie M. Marshall, they are printed on high-quality cotton t-shirts with a beautiful designed logo on the front and a copy of the United States of Autism plane and web address on the back. You can help be a part of the change and action of the film by wearing one of these around and showing all your friends that autism gear can be pretty cool!

Be sure to send us pictures of you in your United States of Autism T-Shirt as we’re creating a blog post of locations around the world where we can find people wearing our shirts! Feel free to forward them to, and be sure to tell us where you are, and when the picture was taken. We can’t wait to see more from around the world!

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  • teresa ivey says:

    The link to buy tshirts will not work for me. “page not found” error message.

  • Ronald says:

    No thanks. As usual yet another so called movie or documentary showing autism, fails to show the most severe sides of autism.

  • rich says:

    Actually, Ronald, we have VERY severe children in the film, some who are institutionalized, and others who will require life long care. Perhaps you should wait until you see the film Ronald before dismissing it.

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