Do you want to see or show the film publicly? Join the tens of thousands who saw The United States of Autism across the world! The film can be seen through public exhibitions for groups, schools and organizations, for private fundraising events, or even a theatrical showing in your area!

  1. Public Exhibition for Groups, Schools and Organizations: You can book a private showing by contacting the Tommy Foundation directly. There is a public exhibition license fee for the screening that is based on the expected attendance. As part of the fee, you do receive a permanent copy of the film for your library, group, or organization as well. The producers of the film are available schedule permitting for Q&A style events in your area based on the film.
  2. Private Showings for Fundraising Type Events: You can book a private showing by contacting the Tommy Foundation directly. You will be responsible for finding and booking a location and selling tickets. While this option does require some more upfront work, we’ve had groups fundraise more money this way by often making the film a part of a larger event, and you keep 100% of the funds raised over your basic costs of renting the movie and your location fees! Please note that this is the only option available to our international friends currently.
  3. Book a Theatrical Showing: Go to our Tugg page and request a screening: Request a Screening There’a minimum amount of tickets that need to be sold for the screening to go on, and that will be determined by the theater fees, ticket prices, and a few other things that Tugg will figure all out for you. Tugg will walk you step by step through that entire process. Then, simply sell enough tickets in your area to meet the theater’s minimum threshold requirements and the event is on!People can donate directly to your organization through your Tugg landing page as well that’s given to you upon succesfull booking of the event. In addition, we contribute 25% of net profits from each screening in an area to a local group, family, individual or organization as determined by the Tommy Foundation and/or local sponsors. We will deliver the proceeds within 90 days of the event contingent on when we receive our funds from Tugg.

Here’s a list of where we were theatrically in 2013!

Date City and State Theater Time Tickets Available
Apr 5th New York, NY  AMC Village 7 7:30 pm  SOLD OUT
Apr 9th Fort Worth, TX  Starplex Cinemas 7:30 pm
Apr 10th Albuquerque, NM  Cinemark Century Rio 24 and XD 7:30 pm
Apr 11th Burlington, VT  Merrill’s Roxy Cinemas 7:00 pm
Apr 13th Albany (Schenectady), NY  Proctor’s Theater 12:00 pm
Apr 14th Luverne, MN  Historic Palace Theater 2:00 pm
Apr 18th Oldsmar, FL  AMC Woodlands Square 7:30 pm
Apr 18th Rockaway, NJ  AMC Rockaway 16 7:30 pm SOLD OUT
Apr 18th Salt Lake City (Sandy), UT  Megaplex Theater 7:30 pm
Apr 18th Schaumburg, IL  AMC Loews of Woodfield 20 7:30 pm SOLD OUT
Apr 18th Springfield, PA  AMC Theater Marples 10 7:30 pm
Apr 23rd Champaign (Savoy), IL  Goodrich Savoy 16 7:30 pm SOLD OUT
Apr 23rd Los Angeles (NoHo), CA  Laemmle’s Noho 7 7:30 pm
Apr 24th Concord, NC  AMC Concord Mills 24 7:30 pm
Apr 25th Huntington, NY  AMC Shore 8 7:30 pm
Apr 25th Lincoln, NE  Marcus Lincoln Grand 7:30 pm SOLD OUT
Apr 25th Plano, TX  Angelika Plano 7:30 pm SOLD OUT
Apr 25th Santa Clara, CA  AMC Mercado 20 7:30 pm
Apr 28th Ocala, FL  Marion Theater 1:00 pm
Apr 30th Grand Rapids, MI  Celebration Cinemas North 6:00 pm
Apr 30th Lancaster, PA  Kendig Square 7:30 pm SOLD OUT
Apr 30th Lancaster, PA  Kendig Square 7:30 pm SOLD OUT
May 2nd Fargo, ND  Marcus West Acres Cinema 14 7:30 pm
May 2nd Levittown, NY  AMC Loews Nassau Metroplex 10 7:30 pm
May 8th Bensalem, PA  AMC Neshaminy 24 7:30 pm SOLD OUT
May 16th Des Moines, IA  Carmike Wynnsong 16 7:30 pm
May 16th Sacramento, CA  Crest Theatre  7:30 pm
May 18th Columbus, GA  Carmike Ritz 13  11:00 am
May 20th Columbia, SC  AMC Dutch Square 14  7:30 pm
May 20th South Miami, FL  AMC Sunset Place 24  8:00 pm
May 20th Huntington, NY  AMC Shore 8  7:30 pm
May 22nd Hialeah, FL  Muvico Hialeah 14  7:30 pm SOLD OUT
May 22nd West Palm Beach, FL  Muvico Parisian 20 & IMAX  7:00 pm
May 23rd Evanston, IL  Century 12 Evanston  8:00 pm SOLD OUT
May 27th Louisville, KY  Cinemark Tinseltown USA and XD  6:30 pm
May 30th Harker Heights, TX  Cinemark at Market Heights  6:30 pm  SOLD OUT
June 1st Memphis, TN  Malco Paradiso  10:00 am
June 2nd Farmingdale, NY  Showcase Cinemas Farmingdale Multiplex  7:30 pm
June 3rd Huntington, NY  AMC Shore 8  7:30 pm
June 4th Lawrenceville, GA  AMC Sugarloaf Mills 18  7:00 pm
June 4th York, PA  Funtime South York Cinemas 4  7:00 pm
June 6th Arlington, VA  AMC Courthouse Plaza 8  7:30 pm  SOLD OUT
June 6th Harrisburg, PA  Funtime Colonial Park Cinemas 4  7:00 pm
June 6th Kennesaw, GA  AMC Barrett Commons 24  7:30 pm
June 6th Oklahoma City, OK  AMC Quail Springs Mall 24  7:00 pm
June 6th Paramas, NJ  AMC Garden State 16  7:30 pm
June 6th Portchester, NY  AMC Loews Port Chester 14  7:30 pm
June 6th South Miami, FL  AMC Sunset Place 24  7:30 pm SOLD OUT
June 6th Sterling, IL  Carmike Sauk Valley 8  7:30 pm
June 9th Plymouth Meeting, PA  AMC Plymouth Meeting Mall 12  2:30 pm SOLD OUT
June 11th Honolulu, HI  Consolidated Ward Stadium 16  7:00 pm SOLD OUT
June 12th Gaithersburg, MD  AMC Loews Rio Cinemas 18  7:30 pm
June 12th Orlando, FL  AMC Universal Cineplex 20  7:30 pm
June 13th Chapel Hill, NC  The Varsity Theatre – Chapel Hill  7:30 pm
June 13th Macon, GA  AmStar 16 – Macon  7:00 pm
June 13th Pensacola, FL  Carmike Pensacola 18  7:30 pm SOLD OUT
June 18th Danville, IL  AMC Village Mall 6  7:30 pm
June 19th San Diego, CA  AMC Fashion Valley 18  7:30 pm SOLD OUT
June 24th Ontario, OH  Cinemark Theaters  7:30 pm SOLD OUT
June 25th Colorodo Springs, CO  Cinemark Carefree Circle and IMAX  6:30 pm SOLD OUT
June 26th Newnan, GA  Carmike 10 – Newnan  7:00 pm SOLD OUT
July 11th Wichita, KS  Murdock Theater  7:15 pm
July 17th East Greenville, PA The Grand Theater  7:00 pm
July 17th Missoula, MT  Carmike 12 – Missoula  7:30 pm SOLD OUT
July 18th Columbus, OH  Starplex Cinemas Columbus Movies 10  7:30 pm
July 18th Lakewood, CO  Century 16 Bel Mar & XD  6:00 pm
July 18th Madison, WI  Marcus Point Cinema  7:00 pm
July 24th Indianapolis, IN  AMC Castleton Square  7:30 pm
July 29th Chicago, IL  AMC River East 21  7:00 pm
July 29th Leawood, KS  AMC Town Center 20  6:30 pm
July 30th Greenville, SC  Camelot Theater  7:00 pm
Aug 5th Jacksonville, FL  Cinemark Tinseltown  7:30 pm
Aug 7th South Miami, FL  AMC Sunset Place 24  7:30 pm
Aug 8th Plainville, CT  AMC Loews  7:30 pm
Aug 12th Towanda, PA  Keystone Theater  5:00 pm
Aug 9th –
Aug 15th
New York City  Quad Cinema 1:10 pm, 3:00 pm, 7:00 pm
Aug 15th Cleveland, OH  Tower City Cinemas  7:00 pm
Aug 16th –
Aug 22nd
Los Angeles  Laemmle’s Playhouse 7 12:50 pm, 3:00 pm
Aug 28th London, UK  Ambitious About Autism Film Festival  All Day
Sept 3rd Virginia Beach, VA  AMC Lynnhaven 18  7:30 pm
Sept 12th Morrisville, NC Stone Theaters Park West Village 14  7:30 pm
Sept 12th State College, PA The State Theater  7:30 pm
Oct 3rd Saukville, WI Marcus Saukville Cinema  6:30 pm
Oct 21st Bourbonnais, IL Cinemark Movies 10  7:30 pm SOLD OUT
Nov 12th Harahan, LA AMC Elmwood Palace  7:30 pm
Nov 13th Savannah, GA Carmike 10  7:00 pm SOLD OUT
Nov 23rd Birminham, UK The MAC Birmingham  1:30 pm