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Jocelyn and Siobhan Plowey

By May 26, 2011 2 Comments

Out there, yes out there! Some where far beyond our expectation lays the mystery of the missing puzzle piece? A puzzle piece we must put together to find its known cause “Autism”.

It’s a mystery, a fight to be fought against this complex brain disorder that inhabits a person’s ability to communicate and develop social relationships and is often accompanied by extreme behavior challenges. Challenges we must overcome! An everlasting journey we will face ahead of us! A life long developing disability, which threatens our society and nation. A task everyone will bear! Have no fear – there is HOPE, also FAITH, so have no despair, our answers are on its way, mark its journey, the day will come!

The days are out numbered; time is clicking on our shoulders, too much to bear, families struggling to overcome their fears for the future of their love ones. A solution, a miracle, to solve the missing piece of the puzzle. The hidden ability of our special needs, who so desperately want to come out of their world to meet us halfway for acceptance in our society.

Out there, yes out there! Everyone hear our voices, support us, and walk with us to contribute in making “Autism Awareness Day”. A day we will be proud of, recognized for its efforts, accomplishments, we have reached so far. So scientists, researchers, teachers, parents, other advocates continued what you are doing, your job is far from finished, a journey we all make together to find the missing puzzle piece, still a mystery, known as a national public health crisis whose causes and cure remain unknown. “Autism”.

So hear me again! Stand by your families, anyone you know, to give a helping hand, to acknowledge the spectrums that comes with being “autistic”, share their feelings, try to understand their world they are living in, make a difference to appreciate them for who they are. They have strive and had come a long way to make their life better, in improving with the given life skills they had learned, their amazing/gifted talent, their affection and love bestow on us, their act of kindness & willingness, their own kind of happiness they seek on themselves. No matter what the outcome of their outburst we see in anxiety, frustrations, lack of patience & comprehension, their way of doing things differently as in a routine pattern, their compulsory behavior, lost for words to express their inner feelings, struggle to cope with their social peers and things around them. – They are set and will always set in their own “autistic ways” – a sign for us to remember what life is all about – Faith, Hope, Love & Patience, but the greatest of these is “LOVE”. A life fulfilled dream to overcome this Life Mystery of“ the missing puzzle piece”, to heal it’s causes, to find a cure. A mom’s love, care, patience and dedication, for her autistic child, showing joy in seeing improvements, in leading towards her mainstream in life. “What else can a mother asked for?

Written by: Jocelyn Plowey – The Woodlands, Texas
On behalf of her seven year old daughter, Siobhan

Jocelyn and Siobhan



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