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Graham Colton Song Dedication for United States of Autism

By April 18, 2011 No Comments

As many of you have heard, Graham Colton’s new song “Love Comes Back Around” off his new album Pacific Coast Eyes plays a key role in the film the United States of Autism. Last night, we had the great opportunity to see Graham play this song live in Philadelphia, and it was awesome!

He finished out his set with Love Comes Back Around, and at the beginning of this song you’ll hear him explaining why he wrote the song. He then goes on to speak about the United States of Autism movie and how he’s playing a part in the autism world. It was a top notch performance, and we had a chance to speak with Graham after the show about another song that we could put together for the film. Let’s just say that the next song you hear from Graham for the film us going to tug at hearts around the world.

In the mean time, be sure to enjoy the video and why not go ahead and buy a copy of his album off of his site. He’s put every last part of himself into this first off-label album and it’s worth hearing a great songwriter in this lyrically dumbed down era, I assure you. Enjoy the video!

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