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Free Stuff From Pepsi Arrives

By May 10, 2010 6 Comments
Pepsi Bag Arrives

Everyone loves free stuff, especially after winning a huge contest!

We patiently waited for a few weeks before calling. It only seemed right to give them the benefit of the doubt after they had graciously given us the first disbursement of our $50,000 in winnings from the Pepsi Refresh Everything contest. Yet, we still couldn’t  help but be a little nervous. We had heard other winners we had allied with during the contest had received their kits. So, just as we thought about picking up the phone to our rep at Good, the package arrived.

Tearing open the box, the first thing we noticed was the attention to detail Pepsi had. The carrying case had a great Refresh Everything logo on the lower right hand corner and was of decent quality. Opening it up, we found all kinds of goodies. Go ahead and take a view of the gallery and find out for yourself!

[cincopa 10600527]


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