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Day Number 1 of Shooting for Autism

By June 22, 2010 3 Comments
US of Autism Crew

Rene, Rosleny, Cassie, and Rich

The first day of shooting for the United States of Autism began today, with over 60 minutes of footage captured on two cameras. The crew went down to Lancaster’s Central Market to capture some fantastic b-roll footage of the pride of Lancaster. Then it was off to the center of town and capturing some other parts of town. Afterwards, at 7 pm, it was off to meet Rich at the Amtrak station for some opening shots of his arrival.

The crew learned a ton about what works with their equipment, and came up with some fantastic usable footage on the first day.

“It was exciting getting out there and starting the shoot and taking the first steps,” said Rene. “There’s still definitely a long way to go, but it’s great to get out there and take the first steps.”


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