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Day 9 of 40 Day Shoot for United States of Autism Movie

By June 30, 2010 2 Comments

We spent most of the day today traveling from the middle of Wisconsin to Iowa. During the trip we crossed the Mississippi River and tons of windmills in Minnesota. After dinnertime, we were finally able to catch up to the Wessels for a short time, and boy did we have some fun at their house. Trampolines, comic book heroes and villians (Rich and Cassie were cast in the 10 film saga), bonfires, and more awaited us as we met with Lin, Mark, and Sam.

We apologize for the lack of pictures, but we spent almost the entire time shooting with the Wessels. We’ll make sure to get some more pictures to you tomorrow as we spend most of the day with the family. Just so you know, we also caught an amazing sunset,  perhaps the best one yet.

To those following our daily blog, we heard back from Lorette and she’s going to be ok. If you want to know more, just give us a ring. Be sure to come back tomorrow for more great pictures on our autism journey!

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