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Day 8 of 40 Day Shoot for United States of Autism Movie

By June 29, 2010 8 Comments

Today was quite an emotionally challenging day for our crew and the film. About 2 minutes before we were to roll cameras for Lorette Brewster’s interview, she went over to ask her neighbor to quiet the dogs as a last minute adjustment. The porch railing she was leaning on broke and she fell about 6 feet on to the hard concrete directly on her back. She was taken on a spinal stabilization board by ambulance to Kenosha hospital and she is currently admitted at the hospital. We stayed for as long as we could to make sure she was ok, but there was no way for us to film her on this trip under the circumstances. We are planning to come back an another weekend in the late summer/early fall to make this happen for Deemy, her 17 year old twin son on the spectrum.

We ask that if you know Lorette, you pray for her quick recovery. Rich was right next to her when she fell, and the first words out of her lips as she was lying in excrutiating pain on the ground was, “I have to do this interview for Deemy,” and some tears followed knowing that it was not going to happen this time around. Rest assured, a spirit like that will be in our film.

Stay tuned for pictures tomorrow night from Iowa and our first visit with the Wessels family! We love you all out there and can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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  • michele says:

    oh my god, that is terrible. I will pray for her quick and complete recovery. thinking of her and all that were there today.

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  • Boots says:

    Wow. I hope she’s ok. That’s just awful.

  • KFuller Yuba City says:

    Saying a prayer. I am just tearful for her. I hope it is not serious.

  • Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. It really offset Deemy. He did not speak for the first 4 days after I returned from the hospital. Yes, I was hospitalized for 4 days. I was more embarrassed than anything because Rich and the crew were so wndrful. I cry as I type this. Not able to tolerate sitting for long periods of time. Deemy had a major seizure on Monday after all the little cluster of seizures after the accident. I am so sorry for delaying the filming and what the crew endured from Rude neigbors. First procedure in my L arm. Breathing treatments from bruised ribs and I have graduated from a walker to a quad-cane. RFA procedure will be July 30th. I pray for Deemy’s strength as this throws him off quite a bit. This is so much more about Deemy’s heart and feelings as I endure this and my changed status. He gently tells me “mom you need to lay down, you r too hurt to play the WI” But he did let me play Soul Calibur 3 with him today! Its a start. Hopefully, he will start eating again as I have had to increase his feeds.
    God Bless all of the wonderful Crew and Rich I cannot thank you enough for what you have done. You guys touched my heart as you approached us to introduce yourselves. I cry as I remember how excited I was that day for Deemy. I just play Miranda Cosgrove videos on the itouch and he stays on her YouTube site for hours at a time. One day I wont disappoint and make my baby’s dream come true.
    again, God Bless you all and thanks for even caring for us. I’m so touched we were even chosen for this project. Rich & Sugey your the best!

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  • […] Day 8 of 40 Day Shoot for United States of Autism Movie posted on June 30, 2010 […]

  • tori sheffer says:

    lorette ahh so thats why noone heard from u for a short time during that month,ur alumni worries about u so…im glad ur doin better huni…im here to su99ort u and the family anyway i can..u know i think deemys story is a wonderful tribute to how loyal u r to this cause….lots of love..smooches

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