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Day 39 of 40 Day United States of Autism Movie Shoot

By August 1, 2010 One Comment

Today we shot the ending of the movie, as well as interestingly enough some of the first scenes in the movie. It’s amazing how things come together in order to make a full length film. We took some footage of Rich arriving today, as well as Rich, Sugey and Tommy at parks, walking, and a host of other things to finish the threads running throughout the story. It was exciting as it was the first time Tommy had used an iPad, so the day went really well.

During the evening, the crew got together for a dinner to receive some gifts from Rich and Sugey, mostly souvenirs from places they didn’t have time to stop for on their 18 and 20 hour days.

Tomorrow is the last day of the shoot, starting at 5 am at the local Amtrak station. Until then, we love you all and can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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