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Day 32 of 40 Day United States of Autism Movie Shoot

By July 24, 2010 8 Comments

Our crew had an amazing time today in Philadelphia with the Neibauer Family and our trip to Sesame Place. We met David, Holly, Robyn, Kathryn, and Diana at Sesame Place first thing in the morning along with a news crew from NBC 10. The parade was fantastic and the family and crew were able to have a private meeting with some of the characters, including Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Bert and Ernie. Even though it was 110 degrees with the heat index, everyone had a blast and the people will be blown away by what happens at Sesame Place in the final film. What struck us the most was the way the Neibauer family were so at home in the amusement park, a rarity for families with such chaos going on.

We then left to the Neibauer’s house and spent time with an amazing and loving family. The interviews were fantastic, and the heart of the family really came through. It’s obvious to anyone who seems them interact that through all the ups and the downs, there is a lot of love in that relationship. We were excited to capture it on film, and for you to see it soon.

Tomorrow, we head to New Jersey for our last day of filming before our 3rd day off during the last month. Be sure to come back tomorrow and check out more pictures. We love you all, and can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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  • Karin Fox says:

    You guys are all amazing!

  • Holly Neibauer says:

    We’ll never forget all of you and the wonderful day we shared. 🙂 Lots & Lots & Lots of Love! 🙂

  • Ed says:

    Sesame Place – what a great destination to visit and it looked like a whole lot of fun for the family.

  • Steve says:

    the pictures look great. It looks like the film crew had as much fun as your family. Cant wait to see the movie. We love you guys

  • robyn says:

    `hi remember me ps i love this fondeition you are the only autiim helper i know not counting autisim speaks but then again autisim speaks isn’t all that helpful

  • robyn says:

    sigh what a great day it was then and great news 1 more year until govenor curbitt has to be on the fate of the voters i really hope he loses this time. SIGH I LOVED THIS DAY MY SISTER WANTS TO BE A MOVIE STAR AND WE ARE SO EXCITED CAPS TO SHOW I REALLY MEAN IT HAVE A GREAT DAY FROM ROBYN NEIBAUER PART OF THE NEIBAUER FAMILY YOU FILMED ON DAY 32

  • Lisa Beck says:

    Hey Robyn,

    It was great to see the pictures of you and your family. You all seem to be having such a great time. I have been blessed to be apart of your life. You are an amazing little girl, who brings joy to my life. If the world could be seen through your eyes, it would be a much better place. I adore you and wish you and your family many blessings.

    Love Always,
    Ms. Lisa (Your Current TSS)

  • robyn says:

    thanks Ms. lisa

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