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Day 23 of 40 Day United States of Autism Movie Shoot

By July 16, 2010 4 Comments

Today we found ourselves in the heart of Alabama with the Worley family of Crystal, Darlene, Sasha, and Fallon. It was an exciting adventure with the ASkate Foundation founders and we had a blast with all the kids today.

We started by filming the CAIP therapy that Sasha uses, and the teachers there were wonderful in giving us access to their facilities. Sasha had a great session, and we were glad to get it first thing int the morning. Then, we braved the hot Alabama weather to head over to the Worley house where we got a chance to meet Fallon and Great-Grandma Darlene. Between Darlene and Crystal’s interview, we got some real heart-felt stories about making everything happen while being a single mom. Darlene had nearly our entire crew in tears recounting why she helped three generations of families with her big heart.

Then it was off to the Skate Park to meet with all the families. Wouldn’t you know it as soon as we pulled in, it started to downpour. So, we hung out for about an hour until it cleared, played with the kids in the rain, and then got some great footage of the kids having fun outside on their skateboards when it cleared up. It was great to see so many kids coming out of their shells with the skateboarding. Some kids even said some of their first words on boards.

We had a wonderful time with the Worley family and we’re going to be thinking of them a lot as we continue to travel. We’d also like to send out a quick thank you to the Dothan Police Department for not ticketing us going 15 mph over the speed limit while trying to get to our hotel at 12am. After explaining the situation, and how tired our crew was from our trip so far, they let us go and wished us the best of luck. Now that’s Southern Hospitality at it’s finest, and we salute you.

Be sure to check out all the great pictures from our day. We love you all, and can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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