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Day 16 of 40 Day Shoot For United States of Autism Movie

By July 9, 2010 3 Comments

The sun is coming up and we’re still finishing up our previous day!

Today we started in Union City, CA, and had the chance to spend a day with the Quianzon family you may have read about yesterday. Between JP, Rowena, Moses, Noah, and Jacob, we were able to get a ton of great footage about a family pursuing a dream with their child. The Quianzon family uses the son-Rise method with their child Naah, and they’ve been very happy with his progress. Full of energy and excitement, the three boys can be quite a handful for sure. Rowena helps each of them with wonderful grace, and JP was amazing keeping them focused and on task. We understand more about what JP and Rowena were discussing the previous night about staying positive and being open to growth. Ultimately, JP and Rowena are finding out how much autism is changing their lives and perspectives for the better.

We left for LA around 2pm, and decided that since we were already out in California, we’d take the time to head out and see the Sherman Tree, the largest tree in the world, at the Sequoia National Forest. After a bit of traffic, we got to the tree at about 8:30pm, and got some fantastic pictures you should check out. We also were lucky enough to cross paths with a mama bear and her cub at a random point on the road on the way. We weren’t sure when we arrived if we were allowed to touch it or not, but since no one was there at that time, we said what the heck. While the Tree was amazing, the roads through the forest made our entire crew sick. It was either that, or the Indian food we had this afternoon, but I tend to go with the super windy roads on the edge of a mountain.

Little did we know that the southern exit from the National Forest was closed for construction when we hit a checkpoint, and had to wait another two hours on the side of the mountain. Sometimes life has a way of slowing you down so you make the time for it’s serenity, and we were able to see the stars almost perfectly up so high and with so few lights. It was a truly rare sight for us in our travels.

It’s now 6 am California time, and that means time to sign off. Later this morning, in about 3 hours, we meet with some of the people helping us from the Good Network (who watch over all the grantees at the Pepsi Refresh Project). Then, it’s off to Lancaster, CA to meet our next family. We love you all out there following us, including those of you finding us on the road as we drive by! Can’t wait to show you more tomorrow!

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