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Boots Art Gives New Dimension to Autism Documentary

By January 19, 2012 One Comment

I have never appreciated more the idea of staying behind to watch the credits at the end of a film, as much as I have since putting together the United States of Autism film.  So many people play such a huge role in the process of any film, yet most of the time, the only thing we recall are the leads, maybe some really strong supporting characters and just maybe the director.  In an effort to get everyone to really know the faces behind our project, we are implementing a new segment here on the blog that really takes a look at some of the folks that really made putting together the film a reality.

Jamie "Boots" Marshall

Meet Jamie “Boots” Marshall. Officially she is credited as being our Creative Guru & Artist for the film.  What exactly that means is that for many long and patient days (our Director is a bit of a perfectionist) Boots designed all the artwork that you see on the film’s website as well as all the artwork you will see in the film itself (there are a bunch of animations in the film) and on our official t-shirt!

For those of you that have come to recognize our anthropomorphic puzzle piece “person” through The Tommy Foundation for Autism, it’s ever changing form to conform to the specific event we are having is all thanks to the creative genius you see to the left of your screen.  She originally designed that character for us and has subsequently changed its form for events ranging from talks, walks, sensitive santa and of course the film itself!

Boots is an in demand artist whose work can be see online on sites like Boots Draws, Boots Tees and GoodJoe.  She is a 2000 graduate on Franklin and Marshall College which is incidentally where we first met her and fell in love with her work and her, of course.

When asked why she partook of this particular project, she responded with the following: “I’ve known Rich and Sugey (and Tommy) for years, and they are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. Their dedication, hard work, and huge hearts inspire me every day. When Rich came to me and asked if I could contribute to the film he was making, the answer was an immediate “yes.” I knew it was going to be something great. Not only because the project sounded immensely intriguing, but because The US of Autism is a film that needed to be made. And now that it’s finished, I am so proud and humbled to have been a part of it.”

We are so excited to have someone of Boot’s caliber involved with the film and hope all our fans will enjoy seeing her work throughout the film!

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