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Artist Working for Autism

By May 8, 2010 3 Comments

Jamie Marshall and Rich Everts Discussing the Visual Feel of the Documentary.

What happens when you get a first class artist together with someone working on a project for autism? Why, one heck of an imagination binge of course!

This past week Richard Everts, the executive producer and director for the film “The United States of Autism”, met with Jamie M. Marshall, a well known artist in the t-shirt, book and print business, to discuss the vision for the upcoming documentary and movie. Both Rich and Jamie have worked together in the past on various projects, and it seems they quickly came together with some great ideas again.

“I really wanted to grab the essence of the film for all the individuals and families affected while still maintaining a personal, energetic, and positive feeling. When I thought of the best people to put this together, I knew Jamie would be on the tops of the list. I’m very excited to have her working with us on this project and as you’ll be able to see from the website, wallpapers, and future games, she has an amazing eye for these things.”

Jamie’s designs have worked themselves into artwork for bands, children’s books, corporate logos, and many more areas. You can catch some of Jamie’s other work on her website.


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